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Advantages of integrated wire-to-board connectors

The simpler thing instead the easier it is for consumers to accept, which is the inevitable trend under the development of modern high-tech, so more and more products begin to develop in the direction of refinement and miniaturization, such as wire-to-board connector is one of them. The integrated wire-to-board connector can not only compress the […]

Types of FPC connectors

The FPC full name is Flexible Printed Circuit board. Popularly speaking, That PCB is made of soft materials (foldable and bendable materials). It is widely used. There are many kinds of connectors on mobile phones, among which FPC is one of them. The product categories can be divided into internal FPC connectors and board-to-board connectors, […]

Advantages of domestic connector

Connectors are important components that connect two devices,Used to transmit or receive signals and is an essential item,With the development of domestic science and technology and continuous improvement,Domestic connector has gradually replaced the foreign connector,Become the brand type that domestic consumer likes quite. Domestic connectors in the use of the process of a total of […]

Factors Affecting the Service Life of Pin Probe Connector

Since the products that need to use the connector are developed in the direction of appearance refinement, installation simplicity and long service life, the existence of the pin probe connector has well solved the needs of the connector manufacturer, the pin probe connector. Therefore, it has become the favor of many connector manufacturers. After a […]

The advantage of waterproof rf coaxial connector

The waterproof rf coaxial connector is usually working in the water.and they are waterproof.The power cable and net cable can be put in their internal.They can not only provide normal and reliable power,single transmission,but also can be waterproof ans dust-proof. At present.The standard for waterproof is according to IP waterproof grade standard.You can see the […]

Consideration of Connectors in Circuit Design

For a simple reason : the products are getting smaller. Nowadays, countless electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, blood sugar detectors, require stricter sizes and tighter internals, leaving less room for connectors. This trend is also found in the field of national defense and aerospace, such as satellites, guided missiles and Avionics systems, where the […]

Analysis of material and performance of automobile connector

Sheath refers to the connector made by injection molding and stamping of engineering plastics, PVC materials or metal materials,To protect the connection point and connect all kinds of electrical appliances,Support and protect terminals for firm contact,Accurate positioning, dust, pollution, moisture, insulation and other protection.Commonly used sheath materials mainly include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT,PP, PVC and […]