The simpler thing instead the easier it is for consumers to accept, which is the inevitable trend under the development of modern high-tech, so more and more products begin to develop in the direction of refinement and miniaturization, such as wire-to-board connector is one of them. The integrated wire-to-board connector can not only compress the contact, but also has three advantages as below.

First, realize the connection of local gold-plated auxiliary board and increase the flexibility of design. In the past, the wire-to-board connectors are clumsy, although they can complete the docking, but the flexibility is not enough. The integrated wire-to-board connectors are widely used in digital cameras, mobile devices and GPS and other fine industries through the compression of contacts, the improvement of the efficiency and area of the connection with the local gold-plated auxiliary board, and the enhancement of flexibility.

Second, high temperature thermoplastics are used to achieve greater accuracy. It is understood that the contact area of the integrated wire-to-board connector has many protrusions, which can avoid the damage caused by accidental dropping, and further reduce the thickness of solder paste to achieve maximum accuracy.

Third, Simple design makes the integrated wire-to-board connector more convenient to use. Wire-to-board connector manufacturers point out that this product uses a special automation design, which can achieve the connection between primary and secondary printing, but also achieve a balanced state, small wear and tear, long use time, high refinement, so it is popular with mobile device manufacturers.

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