Connectors are important components that connect two devices,Used to transmit or receive signals and is an essential item,With the development of domestic science and technology and continuous improvement,Domestic connector has gradually replaced the foreign connector,Become the brand type that domestic consumer likes quite.

Domestic connectors in the use of the process of a total of three advantages, respectively as follows:

First, it is easy to maintain and can improve the production process.

Because of the existence of domestic connectors, not only simplify the process of mass production, improve the work efficiency of the enterprise, at the same time when a certain component problems, but also can be replaced quickly, so as to reduce the loss caused by the damage of parts.

Second, upgrading is more convenient.

For the equipment, the upgrade may be slow, but for the domestic connector components, it is easier to upgrade, and the connector upgrade will naturally drive the change of other equipment, so as to achieve the effect of enterprise upgrading equipment.

Third, the design is more flexible.

According to statistical data, since there is a domestic connector, China’s designers in the design process, flexibility than before 20%, and this saves 20%, not only improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of cost expenditure, for enterprises kill two birds with one stone.

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